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Programming - NOSql – Mongo DB

"Mastering the Advanced World of MongoDB and NoSQL Programming: Unlock the Power of Scalable Data Storage"

Instructor: Bluemix AcademyLanguage: English

About the course


NOSql - Mongo DB is a comprehensive course that covers the fundamentals of programming with Mongo DB, a leading NoSQL database. You will learn how to effectively work with Mongo DB, including data modeling, querying, indexing, and performance optimization. This course is designed for beginners and intermediate programmers looking to expand their skills in working with NoSQL databases.

Key Highlights:

  • Understand the concepts and benefits of NoSQL databases
  • Learn how to install and setup Mongo DB
  • Master the CRUD operations in Mongo DB
  • Discover advanced querying techniques
  • Optimize performance and implement indexing strategies

What you will learn:

  • Introduction to Mongo DB
    Gain a solid understanding of NoSQL databases and get introduced to the Mongo DB ecosystem.
  • Data Modeling with Mongo DB
    Learn how to design and develop effective data models using Mongo DB.
  • Performing CRUD Operations
    Master the Create, Read, Update, and Delete operations in Mongo DB.
  • Querying Data in Mongo DB
    Explore various querying techniques and unleash the power of the Mongo Query Language.
  • Indexing and Performance Optimization
    Optimize your Mongo DB queries and performance by implementing efficient indexing strategies.


What you’ll learn

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